Vermotropin 100 IU kit ( buy 10 vials 10iu)


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Vermotropin 100 IU kit

Vermotropin 100 IU kit  is a Recombinant Human Growth Hormone. It is injectable and is was made by Vermodje.

Common Brands

HGH, Human Growth Gormone, Vermotropin, Hygetropin, Somatropin, Avatropin, Frag, Fragment, HGH Frag, HGH Fragment, HGH-Frag, Hutropin, Igtropin, HGH 176-191, Somagena, ElixAir, HGF-1, Somatropinne, Factor-9, Genotropin, GenF2, Kigtropin, OxyHGH, Megatrop

Possible side effects of taking Vermotropin

If you ignore the recommended dosages of Vermotropin, you can “gain” adverse reactions from taking it. They can be expressed by an increase:

  • The size of the abdomen;
  • Parts of the face;
  • Cheekbones;

The appearance of adverse reactions from taking Vermotropin is very rare. However, in order not to risk and completely eliminate the probability of their manifestation, it is worthwhile to limit the dose of the drug to no more than 10 units per day.

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1 Kit 10 vials, 10 Kit 100 vials, 2 Kit 20 vials, 3 Kit 30 vials, 4 Kit 40 vials


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